Happy Clients and Care Staff


"Anna was extremely helpful & professional providing care for my mother ( along with a dependent disabled adult). Her services were professional,dependable and authentic in care. Any issue that did arise were quickly dealt with & solved. Her care workers were truly caring & knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Anna to anyone seeking quality care."

“I found Anna to honestly be so caring and professional. Anna stayed on top of situations and helped throughout the changes that took place in various health care needs that came forth in our situation,."

—Arlyn M.

"Anna Aguirre was a blessing to my family. My uncles (both in their late 70s) had no-one in NV who could help with their extremely complicated and devolving health care needs. Anna made it possible for me to keep them in their home instead of moving them to a nursing home. She made sure they had the level of care necessary to deal with progressive Alzheimer’s disease and end stage renal failure. It was important to me that my uncles’ caretakers were kind and compassionate and that they were always treated like human beings and Anna made sure that they were. Anna also acted as a patient advocate for me with some complicated hospital and medical care issues and helped me to deal with some substandard care being provided by the NV medical community. I could never have given my uncles the gift of living a dignified life and dying in the peace and comfort of their home if I had not met Anna. She was with both of them when they passed and her heart broke just like mine when they were gone. She truly loves what she does, is amazing at what she does, and is a gift from heaven to any family that works with her.

 If you have a sick or elderly family member in need of  care, I cannot say enough about Anna Aguirre and her staff. They are competent, caring, responsive and good people."

—Paula k

"Anna is perhaps the best caretake we have ever hired. As a first time mom, I was of course overly paranoid about everything regarding my babies care and Anna could not have been more reassuring. It's likely due to her having already raised two boys of her own, but I often felt so grateful that I didn't have to worry about my baby getting the care she deserves. She is also good at helping children move through developmental transitions , like potty training,sleep adjustments, etc. which made our lives at home much easier. Her sincere care and love for our baby was evident form early on and I would (and often do!)reckoned her care in a heartbeat!"

— kasey c 

"Anna is the most caring and dedicated person I know. Her passion and drive to provide the best care possible is unparalleled. Anna gives everything she has for her clients ad employees each and every day. She gets the job done quicker and more efficiently than anyone I've ever met. She has so much to offer and makes her extremely difficult job look effortless."

— logan d.


"Anna is a very kind and compassionate person. She is extremely reliable, trustworthy and steadfast. She seeks to excel in anything she does, making her very industrious. She goes above and beyond for just about anyone. I'm very fortunate to of had the opportunity to work with Anna for many years."

— ashley b 

"Welcome to the best 'care service' that you can find, provided by someone who actually cares! The founder of Complete Care is THE most loving, caring and compassionate person that I have ever met in my life. Her genuine desire to provide the best care that suits peoples needs,and her willingness to do everything that she possibly can to support people of all ages in their needs, is exceptional. "

— aycan a